Choose your Youtube

Online video sharing, and youtube in particular, embodies the classic web 2.0 predicament; a hugely popular platform, with no real profit model. While video sharing is fastly becoming one of the most popular activities online, the leading players are still struggling to figure out how to monetize its audience (I wrote an article which is in Adnews magazine today (pg. 13), which touches on this very problem.)

It’s a difficult predicament to be in. Naturally Google want to grow the Youtube ‘asset’, and it appears that they’ve got no problem doing this. Their growth is brilliant on one level, and a nightmare on the other. While streaming millions of videos a day is indicative of the platforms popularity, it also speaks to the enormous hosting and server requirements. So the repository of videos, and their viewership is growing exponentially, but at the same time, there’s no real profit model underpinning this growth.

The latest addition to the Youtube user experience seems to be profit motivated, but I can’t be sure. It’s a choose your own adventure style video engagement. Check out Jeremiah’s post over here (definitely one of my favourite blogs, bookmark him if you haven’t yet).

The user watches a video, then is presented with a series of choices as to which video they want to next engage with. Very cool indeed. My main question, which harks back to the profit model. . . . does this cost money? If so how much? If anyone could shed light on this id be interested . . .  Check the example embedded below.


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